Does Bedtime Feel Like a Never-Ending Battle?


Let’s be honest, dealing with a toddler is always unpredictable. Just when you think you found your groove with them, they catch on and are like, “um, thanks, but no thanks!”

Here are three simple tips to help you with your toddler’s sleep so you get some well-earned time to yourself!

Tip 1 – Routine

Routines are an essential part of any activity you want to succeed in. Getting our children into a sleep routine helps them calm their bodies in a gradual way.  Children can be apprehensive of the unknown, and when there is a routine, it gives them a sense of security, knowing exactly what is going to be taking place.  Although children don’t typically want to go to sleep, they are much more likely to cooperate when a routine is in place.

Tip 2 – Connection

Have you connected with your child today? Take opportunities throughout the day to really connect with your child.  To maximize the connection your child will feel towards you, when you spend quality time with your child, you should try your best to give them undivided attention.  To do this as best as possible, you should have your phone away, and not talk to other people who are around; just focus on them. Add this to your bedtime routine to briefly bond with them before you leave them for the night. This can be done through reading or sharing a story, or other various ways to ease them into going to sleep.

Tip 3 – Choice

This is the easiest yet one of the most often world-changing strategies for a toddler. They have to go to sleep but the process can be their choice. Make it simple by limiting the number of choices presented. I personally like to present two options at a time (i.e., do you want x or y), and always want to be proactive rather than reactive.  Do not allow them to ask for something outside of the choices you present; what you present are the only choices they get.

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Kensey is a board certified behaviour analyst and child sleep consultant.  Follow Kensey on Instagram and Facebook or visit her website

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