Little Fleeting Moments


Advancements in technology have provided us with more opportunities than we could have ever dreamed of. Most of us use online platforms to connect with loved ones. We look up information about our interests and watch videos to make us laugh. But with all the wonderful things that come with it, we have also found ourselves very dependent, even addicted, to electronics.

This addiction has made it easier than ever to get caught up in anything other than the world in front of us. Life goes by faster than we expect. Especially after having kids. The more time we spend on the internet and social media, the quicker it seems to fly by.

Hear Me Out

There is nothing wrong with using these outlets in our lives. It’s about knowing when it’s becoming too much and taking that needed step back. Opening your eyes to what’s in front of you before it is too late to capture those seemingly insignificant moments with our kids. The moments that when we look back on our lives, we realize they actually meant the world.

I have found myself needing to make a conscious effort to appreciate the little things. To be more IN THE PRESENT.  To make the conscious effort to strike a balance between the norm of today and slowing down to take it all in.

Where To Start

Look Up.

Don’t look down. Unless it’s at that toddler below your knees.

The tiny, fleeting moments of childhood only last for so long.

Soak them up.

Drink them in.

Enjoy the little things that make your kid who they are because you’re going to blink and they’ll be grown up with children of their own.

Take a break from technology.

Be in the moment with the ones who matter most to you. Capture that moment in your mind, not on your Snapchat. The text response, Instagram feed and Pinterest dream boards can wait. Watch your kids. Remember the excitement on their faces when they figure something out for the first time. As they look to you for support and reassurance on their choices. Be present for the cuddles and to kiss the boo-boos all better.

Parenting Is Hard

Being a good parent is exhausting.

It’s difficult and it challenges us everyday.

It’s easy to get lost in the day to day and the routine of it all. Some days we are just trying to make it through until bedtime. We have all been there and it’s totally normal.

Try a new perspective.

Appreciate the way your two year old said thank you after you gave them a snack, without having to be told. Live for those hugs that are just a little tighter before they drift off to sleep.

The laundry may have to wait a day so that you can give that one-on-one attention your kiddo needs. The dishes can sit in the sink an hour longer so you can play hide and seek for a couple of rounds.

Give yourself the grace you give to others.

You are doing a great job.

If you don’t believe it, just look at that face looking up at you. You are forming our future, so make sure to enjoy the present with them.

Looking Back At Your Life

The video you watched of someone giving a house tour isn’t going to have significance.

You know what will?

The way your toddler mispronounces words.

Your 4 year old’s super sweet dance moves.

Your 6 year old’s first cartwheel. Even if it’s the 1,017th try.

The moments go by and you can’t get them back.

Shut it down, turn it off, put it aside.

The world. YOUR world.

It’s out in front of you.

Not on your screen.

Stop Reading. Put down your phone.  LIVE.

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