My Toddler Is Draining All My Energy


Toddlers have high reserves of energy that need to be released. This can sometimes be signs of anxiety or uncertainty. Our child could be bored or might need some more time to play.

It is normal for kids to be hyper, active, and move quickly from one activity to another as they can get bored easily. A growing toddler will have gained more confidence in doing things on their own, thus, boosting their energy and will to do so – even when they are no longer interested in the activity they are already doing – which can drain our energy as we might’ve already invested that energy work or have started house chores. In addition, it can be a source of stress as there might be instances when we don’t know how to calm them or slow them down to relax a bit.

My cheerful 4-year-old daughter likes moving around the house, playing anywhere she wants to, and doing anything (and everything) to use up her energy like jumping, running around, singing, and dancing. It can get pretty exhausting just seeing the mess she makes in the house (toys on the floor, drawings on the walls) and hearing unnecessary noise after a long day of work when I’m looking forward to some peace and quiet. Aside from this, cleaning and organizing needs to be done just as often as when the mess is made, and it can be hard to keep up.

It can get frustrating, but even though it can be draining, I am happy to see her progress, the creativity she has, her development from crawling to walking, to running around, and the fun she has by doing things on her own…seeing her grow up is pure joy. Now, my daughter likes to write and draw on any surface she has access to, she sings and dances along to music whenever she hears it. Being a witness to moments like these can be both tiring at the same time entertaining and satisfying. At times, it’s the only thing that keeps me excited to get home.

A lot of patience is required when being a parent as raising a child isn’t all just giving them food to eat or sending them to school. We should also learn how to teach them responsibility and not only depend on their teachers to educate them. It can be time consuming but training them to clean up after themselves is important for them to understand obligation and responsibility at a young age. In a way, we become their role models: we should lead them and do the chores WITH them instead of have them do it alone. Raising a toddler requires a lot of supervision and it takes quite a lot of time, effort, and patience, but it is very rewarding!

As parents, we can address the unlimited energy our kids have by getting them into sports or other extra-curricular activities to redirect their energy into learning, physical fitness, and productivity. We can also get them toys that require motion such as bicycles with training wheels or a badminton set. Screentime is very popular to kids these days which is normal, but it’s still best to get them playing outdoors because this is where a memorable childhood forms.

We can also take them to the zoo, let them interact with animals, or even get them a pet. This will make them more aware, stimulate their senses, and help them learn about responsibilities by letting them care for the pet…they need to hone many skills they will need when they grow up and it’s best to teach these things early on.

Raising a toddler is indeed a difficult job but very rewarding if you do it right, plus, you see the results of your hard work. Even if it gets stressful, never forget that your actions and words have a lasting effect on your child. No matter how draining it can be, always demonstrate patience, do and say things to show how much you love and care for your child.

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