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De-cluttering and organizing can be simple, even as a full-time parent!

As we all know, being organized comes with so many different advantages. We know that it saves time knowing where things are supposed to be and where they are – instead of wasting precious minutes looking for them in a panic. We know that children seek, and need, structure, and that having a system to keep things organized helps them in so many ways. Lastly, we all know that being organized means we can be more efficient – we can know at any time what we do and don’t need to purchase for our homes and can plan accordingly, rather than having seven boxes of pasta and no milk.

All you have to do is think about an organized playroom versus one that looks like a hurricane blew through and we know that organization reduces our stress and generally improves our mental health – such a big difference. Sound familiar?

If so, let me share with you how managing a busy household and staying organized at the same time is possible – because I believe it is.

To start off I offer my favorite and easiest tip – labels. Use labels for everything you can, you can write on the labels or print out fun pictures for your children. This will help them recognize where the toys may belong even if they are not reading yet and you will automatically include them in the process or organizing. Even better, make it a game where they can get a treat if they find the right bin for this specific item.

My second tip would be to de-clutter once a week, start small and work yourself up. Have labelled trash cans or bags close by and toss two to three things every day. Choose either to donate, toss or keep the items. If you have used an item, try to put that same item back in the room it belongs in, instead of placing it on the steps and wait until it grows webs or someone trips over it.

Always make sure to become best friends with containers or bins. They will be incredibly helpful when organizing different items in any room. When you buy new groceries make sure you move the products into assigned bins. Now, I know you probably think doing this will take too much of your time but really it will make it easier and can become a routine once you start. Plus, once you have a system you will keep the system!

Just please be sure that you don’t stress yourself even more and tackle everything at the same time. Really, do little by little and try out different systems that may work for you. Inspire your family to help you out and create little ways of including the kids as well.

Remember, it is hard work being a parent and managing a busy household. Don’t beat yourself up if you cannot keep up with the little messes here and there. You can always ask for help from an expert as well.


Chantal is a luxury home organizer and you can reach out for a free consultation at You can follow Chantal on Instagram and Facebook @proficientlyorganized

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