The Most Fun I Ever Had With My Kids


With kids, there’s no telling what is going to happen, and sometimes, it’s annoying. Most of the time, you have mixed emotions about the situation as it can get tedious but extremely hilarious and unforgettable. I’ve had countless memories of crazy mishaps and funny bloopers.

One of those many times is when I took my three kids to the beach. We brought some snacks and sandbox toys. There were no plans of swimming so I didn’t bring any extra clothes or towels. But of course, they’re kids — unpredictable, unstoppable, and small but terrible. As you would expect, yes, they did go into the water. What did I do? I had no choice but to follow them. It was quite inconvenient having to go home with the kids soaking the car seats but it was a fun experience seeing how adorable their impulsiveness could be.

While they’re growing up, they learn how to walk, eat, and talk, but even with practice, it’s inevitable that they will mess up…A LOT! Spaghetti sauce-smothered faces are always the cutest, falling in between steps, and big words in petty conversations. I will never forget the time when my little girl was “disappointed” at her younger sister for not playing with her and saying “never mind” because I didn’t understand what she was trying to tell me. Skipping numbers when counting never gets old — guessing what comes next without any basis of it.

There was a time when I was procrastinating bathing my son (handling urgent things) and he didn’t want to wait for me. I found him in the bathroom looking at the shower and around trying to figure out how to take a bath. Eventually, he was able to independently bathe himself and find what to wear, but just the look on his curious, confused, face trying to figure it out was priceless. Although he wasn’t able to put his clothes on properly at first try, he learned something from this experience. And of course, it was just a cute piece of entertainment for me.

Because I have three kids who love watching shows together over and over and over again, when screen time is up, they reenact the tales and it’s just amazing to see how much they remember and the creativity that they have. Even if I am not a part of this role-play, I was the captive audience to these adorable children’s drama.

Little moments like these are priceless. Whether or not they are documented, it will always be something we will never forget as parents. At times, inconveniences trigger us to want them to grow up and be independent already. At the same time, we cling to these memories that we can only revisit when our little ones aren’t so little anymore…they might be embarrassed, but I don’t care – the stories are hilarious and they’ll always be my little tikes! Never forget to make the most out of these moments, these are the highlights of parenthood — treasures to remember.

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