The Perfect Parent – Is There Such a Thing?


Is there such a thing as a perfect parent?  And if there is, what exactly would perfect parenting look like?

I believe that each of us may think of The Brady Bunch when trying to conjure up the mental image of a perfect household.  Whether that is or is not “perfect parenting,” I believe that there is no one parenting style that constitutes perfect parenting, and that most of our households, despite constant drama, may also be “perfect parenting.”

Just like there is no singular way to raise children, and each child is unique and should be raised in their own unique way, so too, each family should be raised in its own unique way.  What may be beneficial for one family, may be detrimental for another.  I of course do believe that bad parenting habits exist, but there are multiple positive approaches that may be conflicting.  You should do what is best for your kids.

We often (I don’t think I am only speaking for myself) feel like we are doing the wrong thing.  Whether it be related to screen time, meal time, or bed time.  We are masters at putting ourselves down.  Every parent wants what is best for their children, and that is the compass by which we guide our parenting. We are good parents because our love for our children and desire to raise them properly is what motivates us to make the best decisions possible.  The problem is not within our actions most of the time but within our mentalities.  When we compare ourselves to Mike and Carol Brady we think we are terrible.

We live in an age of information.  We can Google every problem and find literally a million results instantaneously.  Certain problems may have one unified solution, but many do not.  For example, you can find so many sources that speak about the benefits of sleep training, and many sources that speak about its destructive nature.  We sometimes tend to feel like bad parents because we read, or hear about a diametrically opposite approach for how to raise children, and we may feel we are doing them an injustice.

If you care about your kids and are working hard to do the best parenting job you can do, you are a perfect parent in my book.  The desire to raise physically and emotionally healthy children in today’s age is no small task.  Your sleepless nights, and energy-drained bodies that somehow continue to do what you can for your children certainly makes you perfect parents.  Now stop being hard on yourself, look yourself in the mirror, and recognize your true worth.

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