The Toll of Being with My Baby All Day


Fun, happy, full of love — that’s what most people deem parenthood is, which is true. However, it’s not all sunny and warm. It can get pretty crazy on a daily average. It requires a lot of physical effort and patience from interrupted meals to waking up at 3 AM, from spilled milk to having to hold your tongue. It’s an endless list of what drains energy both in a physical and mental aspect.

Most housemakers are looked down upon as they are considered to be incapable of work other than house chores which is obviously a poor assumption as some even gave up careers despite the major credentials they have earned. Decisions such as these take a lot of love to sacrifice for. Nonetheless, it is made for obvious reasons that may not be enough from someone else’s perspective. For as long as decisions are made to improve their children’s lives, no parent is wrong in whichever direction they go.

Being a parent is indeed rewarding. At the same time, spending a whole day with a child who cannot relate to your thoughts can be regressing. You will be limited to the time your mind gets to exercise and maximize its ability. For every chance you get, take that opportunity to either exercise or relax your mind with things such as crossword puzzles, meditation, or reading.

This also explains why postpartum depression exists. Aside from the hormones that are already present that cause emotional imbalance, it’s triggered more by fatigue. Caring for babies even up to when they become toddlers gives you little to no time to even sit down sometimes to a point where even bio breaks have to be accompanied. That’s why it’s very important to take time off.

A cooperative spouse will make life a lot easier or at least a trusted baby-sitter on call. There is no telling what loneliness can lead to. Sanity is key to having a healthy relationship with your family, especially your kids. Each hard working parent deserves R&R either by going out with friends, or some spa day to regain the energy drained. Moms usually feel guilty and selfish giving themselves the rest they deserve and cut it short because they are not used to being away from their children. But it is never wrong to take care of yourself because how can you care for others if you can’t care for yourself.

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