You’re Still a Great Mom


If you are a parent you surely have seen and read about how much screen time is ideal for you kid! 

Articles and specialists everywhere answering the question: How much screen time per day can a child watch depending on his or her age?

The answers they give are fifteen or thirty minutes, or sometimes, not even at all if your kid is less than two years old.

I am not an expert. But as a mom I will tell you what I believe: while we are living through a pandemic, a parent should do whatever is most convenient for them and their family.

I’ve had enough… 

Do all these studies and experts even consider that we are living through a pandemic? Do they know what it means to be in lockdown in your house with all your kids the last year and a half? 

That a mom no longer has any help and has to cook, wash, wipe, clean and take care of everything in her house alone and by herself!

Some moms may not only have one child but may try to balance with older children and newborns also.

Did anyone ever think about when a mom can catch a breath and eat quietly with no rush… I catch myself not even chewing on my food anymore because I want to eat as fast as possible with two kids under the age of two.

I am sure sensory activities are working just fine for your kids but please allow me to inform you about something: there are mums who literally fight to get the day out; yes sensory play is an awesome activity but… It is messy… That’s why we call it messy play. That means you also need to clean it up, and trust me, if you have one thousand other things to clean up this is the last thing you need some days. No need to add more mess in my to-do-list.

Please do not get shocked with what I allow in my household:

I let him watch TV as I cook, as I clean, and some days as I feed my eight month old baby, because I need to have a quiet environment in order to teach him how to chew. 

In conclusion:

If you do not make sensory games with mud, lentils, soaps and paints it is also ok and this does not make you a bad mom. 

Letting your child watch TV for 1, 3, 6, or even 8 hours does not make you a bad mom.


You are not a bad mom any day; you are just a mom who may have had a bad day and did what you could just to make the day as painless as possible for everyone without tantrums and fights.

The role of society that is absent in the midst of a pandemic is taken over by our TV’s, while the grandfather, the school, the neighbor are missing. I am sorry, I can’t be a teacher, grandfather, playground, kindergarten friend for my child every day. I wish I could, but I am human and It’s physically impossible to fill those roles on a daily basis. 

I can do what I have the strength to do. My child will have a mom who is always by his side.

Do not be too strict with your parenting possibilities. All those DIY activities you see on Instagram are not healthy for you to live up to those standards. Be realistic who you should compare yourself to.

Does this person you see have help? Do they have a high paying job or a partner with a high paying job? Can they afford pre-made food? These are just some of the points we don’t often consider.

What works in other families does not mean that it is possible to apply in all of our families. Please let this whole craziness stop! Let’s just get through this pandemic the best way we can.


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